Welcome to Mars Balms! A journey into DIY, all-natural body products, recipes, remedies and more!

I decided to start this blog because I am having way too much fun making and creating body products at home not to share it! (Antiperspirant without aluminium or preservatives!? Yes!). Although I have been making balms for a few years now, it was only recently, during the summer of 2014, that I really delved into the world of DIY body- and home-products. I realized that all-natural has endless possibilities and that this was just the beginning of my journey. So in the true spirit of a log, I would love to share the discoveries I make along the way, through trial and, I am sure, error as well 😀 More importantly, I hope to connect with others who are interested by the world of DIY, all-natural body- and home-products as well.

Mars Balms is the name I use for my own creations, but at this point I’m very much in development and so I do a lot of research – online, talking to local suppliers, reading books, and finding out as much as I can about body products and about herbal remedies and natural healing in general. To collect all this information I decided to create separate pages for ingredients and tools, sort of like a short-form encyclopedia. This is also why I decided to name the blog Mars Balms, because everything, from research to development, is nestled under this effort.

The majority of the blog-posts will be about the recipes, tips and tricks that I have found and tried out, sharing the end result and any discoveries I make in the process. I will always link the source, and I invite you all to share your comments and thoughts as well. Most of all, I hope to share some of my enthusiasm and passion for all things DIY and natural, and to meet other people who share this passion, and maybe even to inspire someone else along the way.

Besides my obsession with all-natural body products, I also recently started balcony gardening, and getting involved with a local urban farming collective. As an ex-cook and always an amateur cook, I am constantly looking for new recipes and ways to preserve and cook food and I would love to share some of my discoveries in both those areas as well. So here goes!


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