Make your own Clay Antiperspirant: link to recipe & review

It may seem strange to start my blog with a link to someone else’s blog, right? But this recipe deserves to be front-and-center: it is so amazing and the product is soooo good I can’t stop raving about it. Here’s the story:

Last week was tropical in Montreal: hot, humid and sticky… As I paced my apartment covered in perma-sweat, wondering what to do with the new clay I just bought at Coop Coco & Calendula, I noticed that the coconut oil I had just bought was as clear as water. SAM_8768. See? Like water. 

I remembered a deodorant recipe I had seen online a few days back. Using clay! And coconut oil! After a quick search I found it again on overthrowmartha – an awesomely easy and quick recipe, and on a 32 degree day, even easier. The coconut oil was already liquid, so all I had to do was pour it over the dry ingredients and mix! Done! SAM_8770SAM_8771

 I don’t want people to think this is my recipe, so I won’t list it here, just follow the link above 😀 Overthrow Martha explains why she uses arrowroot powder, but since I didn’t have any at home and was stocked on cornstarch I decided to substitute, and with great results. On the same note, apparently some brands of baking soda may contain aluminum (!). I did some research and it turns out that Arm & Hammer is safe. I was using a Canadian brand called Club Supreme, and when I couldn’t find any info on them, I called the distributor up. I had to wait a week, but they just called me back as I am writing this to tell me that it doesn’t contain aluminum, and it’s a 100% pure. Phew!

After mixing the flours and clay with the coconut oil, I added the essential oils (for a quick review of oils, go to the ingredients guide).  As the recipe suggests, I also put in 3-4 drops of tea-tree oil, and lavender. In addition, I put in 5-6 drops of lemon oil, to give it a fresh, clean smell; 1-2 drops of rosemary cineole, to connect the piney smell of the tea-tree with the freshness of the lemon; and finally 3-4 drops of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract), as a preservative (incidentally, it also smells resin-y and citrus-y. Score!). The overall fragrance turned out very citrus-y with undertones of wood-resin: completely unisexe and I have given samples to my male friends who enjoy the smell very much.

SAM_8777The recipe fit neatly into a large (200 ml/6.75 oz) Body Shop Bodybutter jar. For the rest of the heatwave, I kept the deo in the fridge, because it was liquid. But, as soon as the heat broke I brought it out: at 24 degrees Celsius it’s a nice smooth, creamy consistency.  At 22 Degrees, it sits kind of like wet beach sand, but still completely spreadable. SAM_9004 Doesn’t it look like sand? It spreads like cream though! I can’t stop touching it!

Ok, before I review the product let me just give you some background info: I sweat. I know that sounds redundant, but some people don’t. My boyfriend doesn’t sweat, and if he does, you can’t smell it anyways. I also have family members who sweat like sweet-smelling babies. But I sure am not one of them. When I sweat – I stink. And whatever I’m wearing will stink too. I have worn deodorants most my life. Various kinds: roll-ons, liquids, solids, salt-sticks, hippy deos with beeswax that strips your skin off. You name it, I have tried it. The only ones that “work” have been commercial antiperspirants. With aluminum. Now, I don’t care if I am wet, I just don’t want to stink. But of course, antiperspirant keeps you from sweating at all, by clogging your pores with aluminum causing them to swell to the point that no sweat can escape. Sick! Not to mention the preservatives, dyes, etc. etc. I can still remember how squeaky the skin in my pits felt, like plastic, as I was trying to wash them free of antiperspirant. I couldn’t. Even if I only wore it once a week, my pits felt swollen and gross.

So finally, I stopped everything: deodorant, antiperspirant, salt-stick. I had heard that you could detox your pits and that after a month of not wearing antiperspirant your body would readjust and stop emitting pit-stink. Great, I thought! One month went by, then two – I still stunk – three, four, five!? Yup! I smell. I had to make peace with my smell. Granted, it wasn’t as bad as in the beginning, but it was there. Until one day…Until I found this miracle clay deodorant! I am not joking: this works!

The first day of wearing the clay deodorant I went to my osteo, and lifted by arms without any traces under my pits. No white lines, or even grey lines on my black dress. Nada! See? Claydeo-pit

Laying on a table being handled usually makes me sweat a bit, but it was the two-three hour walk I took after that really sealed the deal. It was 32 degrees Celsius and HUMID! And nothing! No trickling pit sweat – I was damp, but that’s normal, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. And. I. Didn’t. Stink. I didn’t even smell. I couldn’t believe it.

The following day, after a night of sticky, sweaty sleep. I still didn’t smell. Amazing! 

The second road-test was my volunteering job at the local organic market. I did the set-up shift, which involves a lot of lifting and hauling and running around – and yes, I was damp (not sopping), but I didn’t smell. Still nothing! I consider these two situations to be the ultimate road-tests for me. 

I really cannot say enough good stuff about this deodorant. When you make it for yourself, you will know what I am talking about. The best part is: clay is good for you. Bentonite clay draws toxins from your skin, which is a good thing to put next to your lymph-nodes. Good for us all, but especially if you have fibroadenomas like I do 😦

Thank you Sherri from Overthrow Martha! You have made my life better!    


One thought on “Make your own Clay Antiperspirant: link to recipe & review

  1. Coop Coco says:

    Hi! We’re happy to see that you found an awesome way to use our clay 😉 Tea tree essential oil is great. Because of its antibacterial properties, it kills off the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odor. Maybe you could use palmarosa essential oil because it fights excessive sweating.

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