Bath Fizzies and Bath Truffles

Bath Fizzies aka Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles

If you take a lot of baths, bath fizzies, or bath bombs, can be a fun way to enhance the experience. If you rarely take baths, they can be a good excuse to give yourself a little me-time. These days, there are so many different types of bath fizzies out there that it can be hard to know what kind to get and why to get them. Some use colorants and embeds to create a effervescent fizz show in your tub, some use fragrances that stay on your skin long after you’ve toweled off. Others have SLS to create lots and lots of bubbles. Others are formulated to have more of a therapeutic effect, maybe to soothe sore muscles or rashy skin. I don’t want to judge those that use fragrance and SLS but my fizzies definitely fall into the latter category. Although I’m not making medicine balls quite yet, I definitely like my bombs to be packed with soothing goodies. Of course, I like my products to smell and look good too and so I choose ingredients that nourish and appeal to both body and mind, things like botanicals, clays, mineral rich salts and essential oils that are pretty and yummy all by their natural selves.

Bath Truffles
Lavender & Vanilla with Kaolin Clay
Sea Salt & Kelp
Pink Himalayan Salt & Grapefruit

To market to market! Here’s my display of bath bombs and antique teacup candles 🙂


October 7th 2016 : Flora & Pomona at Marché Angus. This side housed my aromatherapy teacup candles and bath fizzies neatly packaged in Kraft bags. From the left: Cocoa-Mint Bath truffles (packaged with natural raffia), Sea Salt & Kelp Bath Fizzy, and Pink Himalayan Salt & Grapefruit Bath Fizzy. The plate with the business cards also holds little samples of the bath bombs, and full size samples of the bath truffles.

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