Atelier de Feutrage de Savon | Felted Soaps Workshop

Le 22 octobre, je co-animerai un atelier sur les savons feutrés @labobineuse! Suivez ce lien: Le cours commence à 9:30 dimanche matin, et dure environ une heure et demi. Apportez votre café 😀

Je prefère de enfeutrer des savons de lait doux et sans parfum. Vous aurez donc le choix entre ces deux savons artisanals – savon lait de chèvre, et savon karité et crème de coco – que je fabrique ici à Montréal.

Nous utiliserons de la laine d’alpaga, que j’ai trouvé lors d’un récent voyage à l’île Gabriola, en Colombie-Britannique.

La laine d’alpaga a de nombreuses propriétés merveilleuses et un savon artisanal feutré est un produit entièrement biodégradable: une belle alternative aux poufs en plastique, aux mitaines de bain en nylon et aux microbilles en plastique. Et lorsque le savon à l’intérieur est terminé, vous pouvez continuer à utiliser le tampon de laine. 🐑 Bienvenue à tous!  Si l’intérêt est élevé, nous animerons possiblement un autre atelier en Novembre.

(English follows)

On Sunday October 22 I will be teaching a workshop at the landmark wool store La Bobineuse on Mont-Royal on how to felt soaps! We will be felting my own artisan soaps, made here in Montreal, using pure uncolored organic Canadian alpaca wool. The class will run about an hour and a half and starts at 9:30 in the morning. The class will be held in French, but if needed, I can fill in in English. Feel free to bring a hot brew with you.

Alpaca wool has a great many benefits: free of lanolin, this wool is considered hypoallergenic. Soft, less prickly and more ecological to farm than sheep, it’s also supposed to be antibacterial, making it the perfect wool to use as your full body scrubber. I always describe felted soaps as a beautiful alternative to plastic poufs (who likes those anyway?), nylon wash mitts and plastic micro beads – a felted soap is not only biodegradable, but the felt  cover extends the life of your soap, and once the soaps is gone, you can continue to use the wool pad as a washcloth, or even scouring pad for your dishes.

My favourite soaps to felt are gentle, unscented milk soaps, and I will bring a choice of either goats’ milk soap or coconut milk soap, pictured here below:

The wool is sourced from a working family farm and bed and breakfast on Gabriola Island in BC that I had the pleasure to visit myself this past month, called The Garden Bed. Here are some pictures of the happy alpaca sheep, freshly shorn by the looks of it:

Additional wool – alpaca, sheep or merino – will be provided for accent colors if you wish. Sign up by following this link: Spaces are limited, but if interest is high, we may do another one in November 😀


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