I discovered balm-making, almost by accident, a few years back melting wax for an art project. A few months later I had my first product: Sleeve Balm! Although I have always felt that the best and safest skin care comes from your pantry, this was my eureka moment (I can make it myself!! Yay!) and when I discovered the wide and exciting world of DIY and homemade natural body products. I am also an amateur gardener, cook, writer and photographer. Originally from Sweden, Montreal has been my home for 17 years. I’m a city girl with the soul of a country girl, and sometimes when I’m cooling balms by my kitchen window and catch a breeze coming off the mountain, or off our balcony garden I pretend I am on a farm.


2 responses to “About

  1. Mandy

    Hi! I am interested in soap making and currently I’m breastfeeding and would love to turn my supply into soap. Can you let me know where you are located in Montreal and how much do you charge? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi! I am located in the Plateau, close to Baldwin park 🙂 I would charge according to the amount of soap as well as what kind of ingredients you would like. We could discuss the different options over email if you like? You can write me at corneliamars@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you

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