Sleeve Balm

Sleeve Balm is the first product I ever created! It is a simple formula with quality ingredients – tough enough for hard-working hands, but gentle enough for sensitive skin. Although this balm is ideal for new tattoos, I consider this a work-horse product, ideal for soothing skin wounds of all kinds, self-inflicted or not: tattoos, cracked knuckles, elbows and knees, scuffs, scratches and scars. Some of the people who have used this balm with astounding results was a rashy copper miner, a tatted-up make-up artist and a clumsy sys-admin who spilled boiling water over his hands. Contains shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E.

Giant Green Balm


The Giant Green is a soothing, medicinal balm, that I developed over the course of two years while I was working a desk job. It is a customized analgesic balm, for the aches and pains that come from repetitive motions and from sitting still too long. As someone with sensitive and rash prone skin, I also wanted a deeply nourishing and moisturizing balm: something that would heal irritated tissue from the surface inwards. The cocoa and shea butters in Giant Green makes it a very emollient and smooth balm, while both hemp and almond oils are packed with vitamins and nutrients excellent for skin ailments related to dryness. As a natural wax that closely resembles the sebum in our skin, Jojoba oil penetrates the skin easily and deeply, while the beeswax with its antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties acts as a binding and preservative agent. The Giant Green contains a blend of five, high quality, essential oils, among other things, wintergreen oil and peppermint oils. I sometimes describe it as smelling like an Aero Mint bar, and so far, this is my most popular product and it is used by many of my own family members 😀

Mars Smacker Lip Balm


One day this spring, while having a nap, I had a dream that I was making lip-balm. As I slowly woke up a recipe started to gel in my mind. So I got up and set up my double-boiler and created this lip-balm! It was perfect on the first try! I decided to call it Mars Smacker because I couldn’t stop smacking my lips the first time I tried it 😀

I have used lip-balm constantly ever since I was a kid of seven (I must have tried them all…). As an adult I’ve never been without several lip-balms around the house and in my purse. Ever since learning that most commercial lip balms contain camphor and peppermint, both drying agents (good for sores maybe, but not healthy lips) I have stopped buying certain mainstream brands, usually asking my Mother to send me some good old Swedish military issue salve (created to be edible in case the soldier finds himself stranded and starving!). Since I created Mars Smacker however, I haven’t used anything else, and it’s also edible I guess! It’s everything I ever liked in a lip-balm: simple, beautiful and delicious: it is a firm yet smooth ivory balm, the slides on easily, gives a bit of gloss, and has a nice amount of sustain, with a delicate odor of cocoa butter and beeswax. Very smackable indeed! Although, I confess, I also use it on my face before I go to bed. Sweet dreams!


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